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  • Aloft Circus Arts, Chicago IL, Aerial silks, aerial sling, duo trapeze, trampoline, juggling, dance and physical theater 2015-2017, 2020-Present

    • JOLT intensive training program Hayley Larson, Camille Swift, and others 2020-2021

    • Zoë Sheppard 2015-2017

  • Circus Warehouse, New York NY, Aerial silks and aerial sling- Anna Thomas-Henry 2019-2020

    • Circus Warehouse Pre-Professional Intensive Benn Mendoza, Suzi Winson, and others 2018-2019

  • Versatile Arts, Seattle WA, Aerial silks, aerial sling, aerial hoop, and flexibility training, Jenn Bruyer and others 2017-2018

    • Dance Trapeze Drop Theory 3-day Workshop, April Skelton 2018

  • Emerald City Trapeze Arts, Seattle WA, Aerial silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial sling, and flexibility training, Ivanna Wei and others 2017-2018



  • Sideshow Villains Deviant Cabaret

    • Deviant Cabaret Oct 2023 Aerial Sling Soloist

  • Hypothetical Circus 

    • Out of Our Depth July 2023 Aerial Sling Soloist, Ensemble Dance Member, Bartender

  • SAX Dinner and Theater Lounge, Washington DC

    • SIR Male Burlesque June 2022 aerial silks soloist​

  • Sanctuary Dec 2021 Aerial sling soloist

  • Aloft Circus Arts, Chicago Il

    • Sanctuary Feb 2023 Aerial straps duo

    • Sanctuary Dec 2021 Aerial sling soloist

    • Sanctuary May 2021 Aerial sling soloist

    • Sanctuary Dec 2020 Aerial silks soloist

  • Defy Gravity, Champaign IL 2015-2017 Founding aerial instructor, curriculum developer, and performer

    • Prairie Glass House Masquerade Gala 2017 Lead Character and pole dance soloist 

    • Mardi Gras at the Speakeasy Archaeology Student Fundraiser 2016 pole dance soloist and corps burlesque dancer

    • Defy Gravity Showcase Instructor Spotlight 2015-2017 Featured solos in pole dance, aerial hoop, and clowning

  • The Brass Ring, Chicago IL 2017

    • Showcase pole dance soloist



  • Duo Trapeze Porter

  • Partner Ground Acrobatics

  • Line Pulling

  • Intermediate Juggling Skills (Ball and Club)

  • Basic Stilt Walking (Carpenter Stilts)

  • Circus Coaching (Beginning and Intermediate Aerial Silks and Sling)

  • Fluent in Spanish

  • Craft cocktail and high volume bartender

Photo by Michelle Reid Photography

Benjy Radinsky
6'2", and 95% legs
210 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

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